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It all started with web designer in 2013. But pretty soon, we were growing faster than ever, and current software couldn’t keep up. Our solution? We created an in-house app to help us grow. Today, we call it Refresh CMS, and our web designers and customers use it around the world to grow their businesses. 

Our Mission

Our mission statement is to provide the highest level of customer support and website design at a price point that any business or organization can afford.

Our Vision

To offer professional website design at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for the best customer service in the industry.

Refresh tech Grew Out of a need to support small to enterprise businesses and nonprofits

It is far too common to see professional website development firms charging tens of thousand of dollars for their services. 

"Honestly, it makes us sick when we see small businesses and nonprofits being taken advantage of like this. We don't want to make a fortune off of our customers, we want our customers to make a fortune off of us."

We provide your company with a professional platform where your business or nonprofit can have growth and reach. Other website design firms would charge tens of thousands of dollars for this quality of service, Refresh Tech offers all of these services at one low monthly cost with ZERO setup fees.

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you don't have enough time in the day!
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we handle everything from design to day-to-day maintenance.

What will you do with your new found time?

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